Yes, I am heartbroken. Whatever. I’ll fight on.

But holy cow is this election a terrible stew of awful.

I’m going to start with Trump voters, who deserve it. Trump voters weren’t the people making $50,000 and under, those people voted for Hillary by 12% in the lower income bracket, and 9% in the higher. All other income brackets went for Trump. Second, the two most important issues to Trump voters were immigration and terrorism, which this study says barely affect them. And the economy, a distant third as their median income is around $72,000. I understand that is at the low end of the spectrum for Republicans, but I digress. There is one interesting facet of Trump voters, that I admit is a problem, and I would love to see action on it – Trump voters tend to live in areas where white people are sicker and tend to die younger, and they see less income mobility for their children. Also, their communities are all similar, in other words, they have almost no truck with the people they are railing against. This is all terrible and deserves some attention, but that is not what Trump voters were concerned about. That was immigrants and terrorism and they got spoon fed delicious scapegoat pudding right out of How To Make Pudding and Propaganda 101.

Now, my leftist friends, who have been posting memes and insightful articles about how Bernie would have won, he was winning with white voters! We have to listen to all the racist, misogynist, bigoted faff dressed up as white economic distress seriously!

No, we don’t.

First of all, African Americans voted overwhelmingly for Hillary. She did pretty well with Latinos, though not as good as Obama. I think the reason for this is twofold. First, Clinton had a lot of baggage to overcome from previous remarks about minority communities, and she took her primary victories for granted (75% of African Americans voted for her over Bernie) and did not do the work to get voters to early voting. Second, there were serious voter suppression efforts in these neighborhoods. And let’s be unbelievably clear; I am not saying that voter turnout was the sole factor in costing her minority turnout or the election, but I am pretty sure that it played a part or at least the North Carolina GOP is pretty sure. If Clinton had been able to retain the 2012 numbers of these groups she would have won.

The pundits, by and large, don’t seem to care about this. It’s all hand-wringing about how we should have listened to what working-class whites had to say. Well, the pundits are partially right, working class and middle-class people are hurting in this country, but white people don’t have the exclusive rights to that fact. Why should we ignore the black working class? Or the Latino? Or any other minority who falls into this category? It seems like solving this problem by creating jobs that pay well would be a solution that would benefit all members of the working class, not just the whites. Who, I would like to remind you, definitely said the economy is not their main issue and proved it by voting in the party who has advocated eliminating the minimum wage.

And besides, we have caved to the economic distress of white men over and over in our history. Reconstruction, Jim Crow, blocking blacks from New Deal benefits, and it’s gotten us to right here, where once again everyone views the ills of this country through the economic distress of white men. How about we progressives stop listening to them, and start listening to what all the other people in this country have to say? Because the solutions to these problems are for everyone, not just white people. They aren’t the only ones that are being left behind by changing technology and the creeping rule of the kleptocracy, all of America is, and increasing turnout in minority communities is just as, if not more important.

Now please stop sharing those ridiculous articles and get to work.