I realize that this is not a well-read site. Often I feel like I’m just adding words to the whirling cyber vortex, which is probably why I haven’t made this a priority in my day-to-day. So I feel pretty confident that this is a reasonably good hidey-hole for things I might like to write about that might cross into “old crank constantly yelling on facebook” territory, and that’s what this is.

People are really gullible. Easily manipulated. Often really fucking dense. As a people, we’ve often believed things that our TVs and newspapers have told us that weren’t at all true. We believed that aliens were attacking New Jersey and a reporter at a venerable newspaper who lied about Iraq’s intentions in the lead-up to the second Gulf War. There’s a million more, I’m sure you can google it if you’re looking for that fantastic doomed feeling. Essentially, if enough people repeat something, people will believe it.

So this post is for the people I know that before the election were posting article after article critical of Hillary Clinton’s emails, that called her corrupt and a sellout, that claimed the primaries were rigged (especially people who posted that ridiculous paper about exit polls), arguing in forums that she was dishonest, a serial liar, who would ignore the pressure from the left and reward corporate cronies with plum positions in her cabinet. The people who are now yelling “I DIDN’T VOTE FOR TRUMP” and using sad-faced emoticons on all the stories pouring in of attacks on people of color, kids chanting racist things at their schoolmates and of swastikas painted on walls. The people who wanted to tear down the corporate system without really understanding what the system does. The people who drew their line in the sand as loudly and forcefully as they could, claiming equivalency between the corporate monsters. Yeah, you.

People listened to you. I’m a little confused why you’re so surprised and angry that you’re getting some of the internet stink-eye. Why were you posting those articles and arguing that she was a terrible candidate if you didn’t want anyone to listen to you? I mean, you weren’t going to change my mind, I had done my research, but there’s a segment of the population that doesn’t for a variety of reasons, and they’re passively consuming their facebook and Twitter feeds. They’re thinking, “huh, X believes there’s no difference between the two candidates. X is a good friend and I trust their judgment.” Add in the occasional cable news show and you’ve swayed someone towards the argument you now speciously claim you weren’t making.

Look, I’ll probably never tell this to your face. That’s the beauty of the internet, it is a safe space for grudges to wither and die. I just want to add one thing: the people who did this and are now crying hardest about Trump: white guys. They claim they “held their nose and voted for Clinton”, so Trump isn’t their fault. The first woman presidential candidate and you held your nose, huh. I didn’t have to hold my nose to vote for her, and I’m pretty sure that I can smell sexist bullshit coming from your direction.