The Magpie has a backlog from hurricane recovery, so here’s what caught my eye the past few days!

How are they getting the water out of the myriad of tunnels that connect Manhattan to the mainland? With big, very specialized equipment, some of which was used during Katrina. Ingenuity at it’s best.

When cars keep crashing into buildings in your town…well, I have no idea. They claim the number is not statistically significant but we have no where near that number of building-car incidents by a longshot. Put down the phone? Take your heart medicine? Put away that three-course lunch?

Not a math fan? People with math anxiety light up the area of the brain that perceives bodily threat in MRI’s. I’m okay at math. When I was in college I was taking a basic maths class along with Latin and I did notice that the work in each class involved the same way of thinking…it felt like I was starting a generator, or flexing different muscles.  I figured that the patterns involved in each were similar, as math can be used to describe phenomena the same way language can.

A man in England was renovating his chimney when he found the remains of a carrier pigeon, complete with WW II coded message. Unfortunately, we may never know what it says as it probably used a one-time pad encryption, and they’re almost impossible to crack unless you have the key.

Finally, the unlikely heartwarming story of a boy and his flying killer robot. Er, Predator drone. Whatever helps you sleep at night!