Hey, we made it through Sandy relatively unscathed! We lost one tree and were without power for almost 72 hours exactly. Once connected with the world again I was amazed at the damage. Crazy stuff. Our limited news through the radio really could not capture how devastated certain areas are. In fact, I’d say the radio was pretty useless throughout the storm and its aftermath; only one station really had any coverage and that tended to be all call-in stories. We live in a weird radio zone that doesn’t allow reception for most of the NYC stations and limits reception of CT stations along the coast.

So what did we learn on this third edition of “Freak Storm of the Century”?

  • If you have three of these storms in a one-year span, you need different qualifiers in your descriptions.
  • Fine, Connecticut Light and Power, I’ll start saving to buy a freaking generator AND agitating to have you taken over by the state and all profits reinvested back into the company. You laid off linemen this year and then whistled all the way to the bank, jerks.
  • We really need a TV band radio if we are going to hear news in a crisis. And a hand crank generator for our cell phones.
  • Triscuits are New England’s hurricane food of choice, as they were totally sold out at out local grocery before the storm. And no one likes natural peanut butter, which was the lone hold-out in a run on peanut butter supplies.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Cassandra!