The Magpie is all over the place this morning, in true magpie form!

  • I have more than a passing interest in the history and science of cooking. Recreating recipes from the past is time travel for your palate, and Pass the Garum, a new blog devoted to cooking Roman recipes is off to a great start. The fig-braised honeyed ham in pastry looks fantastic! Just think how long people have been wrapping things in pastry!
  • There’s been a disturbing trend this election, where journalists in the mainstream media and the “alternative” press have been dismissing concerns over electronic voting machines. Doing this exhibits either a complete failure to understand the security issues surrounding e-voting or a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the lack of security. The ease of access to the machines’ programming is concern enough, but when you add serious conflicts of interest to the mix, e-voting frankly stinks. Why the press can’t see the inherent danger in the person running for office essentially owning by proxy the machines used to tabulate votes is a question every citizen should be asking.
  • Finally – get bent, concern trolls. How I feel about myself is not your problem, and stop dressing up bullying as “worry” for my health. Smugness is not a virtue, and shame is not a “tool”. Now excuse me while I fart in your general direction!