So the last presidential debate happened. I was fairly impressed with Obama, and pretty appalled by Romney, which is exactly what I expected. One of the things that especially impressed me about the handling of the Libya incident and that the Republican machine ignores, is that Obama respected the sovereignty of the country, and didn’t add to the chaos of the prime minister being ousted in a no-confidence vote. I am certainly no diplomat, hey just ask my spouse, wacka-wacka, but I can imagine the fragility of the situation must be extremely high. I’m pleased that there’s not a one-kickass-fits-all and please get Israel a cushion gestalt in American diplomacy at the moment! On the other hand, we have always been at war with Eurasia, so there is the continual greedy eye of the military industrial complex to contend with. I’m sure there’s some guys sitting in a room somewhere right now drawing up the plans for the next assault on the Middle East, and whichever way the wind blows this election will depend on whether they can bring their plans to fruition.

Meanwhile, another debate, another Autism dis. Since dealing with my child’s I/DD and my experience before I got my bionic hip last spring, I’ve learned the Establishment in this country considers the disabled just flotsam and jetsam. I’ll say it again, 1 in 88 boys in the US are born with Autism. That’s a lot of kids coming into the public school system that largely have nowhere else to turn, and even worse, there’s a crisis that faces our aging I/DD population. Massive housing shortages, looming Medicaid cuts, and lack of vocational or occupational programs are par for the course. Eventually the system will collapse under the weight of all the people who need help. The thing that keeps me up at night isn’t peak oil or the situation in the middle east – it’s how my child will fare after he loses the only advocates truly in his corner: me and my spouse. I just wanted a bone, to let me know that someone in politics understands this crisis. Maybe next time.  In the meantime my vote in this deep blue state is going to Jill Stein, who cites Autism as one of the reason she got into politics. Don’t be fooled, pols. We’re listening, and we vote.