Look, I’m sure that the whole political process here in the US is some insane occult blah blah pageantry, but seriously! 1 in 88 boys born with Autism, so how many anxious voters with lots of government bureaucratic ballet experience under their belt know exactly what those Paul Ryan proposed Medicaid changes will mean for their families? C’mon, just throw us a bone, mention a Commission, throw out a statistic, call it a crisis, just acknowledge that something totally messed up is happening in the country you are so anxious to be in charge of. Autism is not going to go away, and there are a lot of families that would like some reassurance that you are including them in your policy decisions. I may not be in love with Autism Speaks, but their 1 in 88 Can’t Wait campaign gets it right. People need help now, and ignoring them in the public discourse is not going to fix that problem.